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IT Support

The advancing world of technology can be difficult to keep up with. I can provide small business or home support to get your systems back online.

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Website Development

The most popular and useful way to get yourself known is by having a professional looking website. This will allow your customers to known exactly what to expect from you.

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Facebook Pages

Facebook is a powerful tool which can help you communicate with various customers. By making the most out of the options that are provided you can run your business from Facebook with ease.

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Twitter Profiles

Making a good impression is key on Twitter. By communicating with other local businesses and posting regularly I can increase your company’s impression rate.

About Me

Hi I’m Ollie Griffiths, owner of Ollie Griffiths Media (OGM). I’m 22 and have grown up and lived in Worcester all my life. Media and technology have always been at the top of my interests ever since my Dad first showed me our home PC.
Whether you've got an old computer that needs a new lease of life or a website that's dragging your company down. I'll be happy to assist to get you back online.


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